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This is the most complete model and greater variety of brand colors.

It is the best selling model and adapts to virtually any sport.

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Color Montura :

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Data sheet

Marcasfeel morys
SportsCycling, Running, Golf, Padel, Tennis.
Lens TypeCategory 3
AjustablesIf, with adjustable adapter
Material Rodsslip rubber
adjustable nosepieceYes

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Colour :

Color: Blanca Roja -Lente: Red Evo

Description :

Elegant pattern, light multisport.

All parts that make up the glasses are maintained to detail.

The terminals are easily interchangeable rubber and a system of maximum integrated grip.

It has adjustable nose bridge for further tightening.

Made TR-90, the most flexible and lightweight material currently used in sports eyewear.

Side :

lateral feel morys ms-047 blamca roja

lateral 2 megra blanca roja

Rear :

trasera feel morys ms-047 blanca roja

Caliber :

tamanio feel morys ms-047 blanca roja

Graduation google :

1- Optical Clip on the inside of the lens.

clip optico feel morys ms-047 blanca roja

2 adapter: the lens is replaced by an adapter with graduated lens.

adaptador feel morys ms-047 blanca roja

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